Project STOP

A web-based tool developed by the Queensland Branch of The Pharmacy Guild of Australia, in consultation with the Queensland Police and the Queensland Department of Health, it uses a database to track pseudoephedrine sales in real time.

Project STOP provides pharmacists with a decision support system to assist in making judgements regarding supply of products containing pseudoephedrine. It helps pharmacists make informed decisions and avoid value judgements based on purely superficial qualities, like physical appearance. At the same time, it allows pharmacies to record sales of pseudoephedrine products.

In addition to this, Project STOP also allows police and other authorities to track the movements of potential pseudoephedrine runners. Data from all participating pharmacies is collected centrally and this can then be monitored by law enforcement agencies and health regulators to look for inappropriate patterns of use. The collected data is graphically depicted using a Global Positioning System (GPS), which demonstrates where these activities are taking place. This system of tracking sales of pseudoephedrine in real-time is the first of its kind in the world.

Project STOP commenced in November 2005 and was implemented in a state-wide pilot of Queensland pharmacies. It currently has an uptake of 85 per cent of Queensland pharmacies.

A funding agreement with the Attorney General’s Department has been reached for a national roll out of the system, with all States and Territories committing to the project. The national roll out of Project Stop commenced in April 2007.

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