A membership database system designed to give a 360 degree view of the pharmacy industry. Pharma 360° serves as an integral part of the backbone for the eGuild.

This resource is currently being used by the National Secretariat and the Queensland Branch, but will be rolled out to other Branches.

Because it’s web-based, data can be entered or accessed from anywhere with a secure internet connection. This allows, for the first time, the Branches of the Guild to create and update member records, with the added benefit of this information being available immediately to the National Office, and if applicable, to other relevant Guild Branches and the Quality Care Pharmacy Program. The system also provides members with the ability to update, verify or change their details.

The software behind the system allows for the easy display of what is often complex information relating to pharmacy ownership and various inter-relationships.

By aggregating all of this data, an instantaneous snapshot of the industry can be displayed. This snapshot can be expanded further by merging with Australian Bureau of Statistics demographic information.

Perhaps most importantly, Pharma 360° also provides the Guild with an efficient means for the secure dissemination of information reducing the need to rely on faxed and printed documents.