ePothecary Network

Delivering web based systems to community pharmacy, connecting all pharmacies together in real-time in a secure environment.

The epothecary network started in 2004 as a means of helping pharmacists automate the Quality Care Pharmacy Program. It has evolved over the last 3 years to become a means by which an array of web based systems can be delivered to pharmacists.

The Quality Care section has now been made into its own separate module and has been renamed e-QCPP. It is the development of the epothecary network that has allowed initiatives such as Project STOP, e-QCPP and the National Pharmacy Census to become a reality. It does this by connecting all pharmacies together in real-time and allowing them to store and exchange information in a secure online environment.

As new web based products and services are developed these will be delivered to you via the epothecary network.