Interactive training provided online by the Guild for pharmacy assistants, pharmacists and interns. You can also track your efforts using myCPD.

Guild Pharmacy Academy has a dedicated eLearning site offering the following:

• eLearning for Pharmacy Assistants

• eLearning for Pharmacists

• myCPD recording

We have a number of training courses that can now be accessed online from our dedicated eLearning site. These courses are interactive and engaging and an enjoyable way to learn.

If you would like to find out more about our eLearning courses click on the link in the left menu. If you are interested in enquiring to enrol in one of our eLearning courses you can use our ‘Online Training Enquiry’ form which provides you with an quick and easy way to notify us.

If you have already applied for eLearning and have been provided with account details you can access our eLearning site by clicking on the link in the left menu. Your account details will also allow you to log into ‘myTraining’ where you can access your own personal training profile.

To find out more about these services click here.